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The living area is probably the first room a guest's attention focuses on and therefore requires particular attention to detail. For this Pellegrinetti Arredamenti has selected the best Italian and international brands for your living area.


The living area: the environment in which to bring your passions to life

From equipped walls to sofas: everything for the living area

The living room is the part of the house dedicated to relaxation and hobbies for the whole family.


If you love spending your time reading a good book or watching your favorite TV series, this is undoubtedly your kingdom!

Whether it is an open space that communicates with the kitchen or a separate room, the watchword is always the same: personality! In fact, to make a living area truly functional it is essential to start from the analysis of the family's habits and needs, in order to create a space that is not only aesthetically satisfying but also pleasant to live in.

It's exactly from thista analysis that according to the philosophy of Pellegrinetti Arredamenti  the design of the living area should always begin. How do you want to experience your stay? By answering this simple question we will give life to your ideal habitat!

Our broadshowroom

One of the biggest challenges in furnishing the living area is to create a homogeneous environment, in which each element is in perfect harmony with the others.

To achieve this result you can rely on our living room systems which include various pieces perfectly matched in terms of colours, materials and even the smallest details.

Alternatively, you can play with mixing different brands to create an even more personal environment that speaks of you in every detail.

stays of design

PYou will find a thousand ideas for a contemporary and designer living room. The clean geometries of the equipped walls acquire the right warmth thanks to the balance of colors and materials: wood, glass, steel and even leather combine with each other for a refined and welcoming result.


gallery living area


A tailor-made consultation for a unique result, like your home

Pellegrinetti furnishings

Arredamenti Pellegrinetti is first of all the fruit of our family's passion for designer interior furnishings, a passion that has lasted for more than fifty years and has been passed down from generation to generation. This is why we take care of every detail of our projects with love, which are "sewn" to measure as if they were tailor-made clothes in order to give life to truly unique and never banal furnishing solutions.

Our point of sale

our staff will follow you step by step at every stage of the journey to renovate your home, from design to after-sales assistance. We will also be able to help you resolve all the small and large doubts related to the renovation of your home, thanks to the advice of our architect and a wide range of innovative materials that will give new life to floors and walls.

Take all the time you need to browse our large exhibition space and let yourself be pampered! We will be able to make the choice of furnishings for your home an engaging and exciting experience, to be savored moment after moment.



for your living area


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