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In the heart of Versilia, design ideas for contemporary and classic furnishings

Furnishing your home is probably a dThe most important experiences in the life of each of us. The home, in fact, is the place where we can take off our masks and truly be ourselves: each room should speak of who we are and our passions, with contemporary furnishings and great character.

However, today more than ever we risk living in houses that are all the same, in which each angle is

predictableand each item is built in series.

Here becauseArredamenti Pellegrinetti edations claims that, when it comes to furnishing,

Let people make the difference. 


Our mission is to guide you in this delicate task, suggesting customized solutions down to the smallest details


with the aim of transforming an ordinary home into one that you can finally call"home".

Ulivi Salotti has always been synonymous with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Even today the production process is entirely managed in the company factory where each phase is carefully 

controlled for every single product, from the design to the final realization of all our creations.


Weekly schedule
09.00 - 12.30
4pm - 8pm


only Sunday morning and Monday morning

We are only closed on the following dates

during the year

January 1st

25 April

May 1

June 2

December 26th

Complete furnishings
for your home

Our showroom in Versilia is the ideal place where you can find innovative ideas for 360-degree contemporary or classic furnishings, from the kitchen to the bedroom.


For over 50 years - In fact, we carefully select the best products to help you renovate any environment

Arredamenti Pellegrinetti
Via Sarzanese, 189 - 55041 Camaiore (LU)
VAT number 01388640466

Tel. +39 0584.913137

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